👋 Hello Icarians,

Sadly this issue has been persistent in our short existence, hence our efforts to keep pushing for new locations with access to more energy (specially green energy sources).

Due to the government’s pressure and legislation, Bitcoin mining machines are currently offline, we have already dismounted and moved our gear out from the affected facility.

ETA for machines going back online is approximately 10 days.
We will keep informing the community actively about this, so you won’t miss a thing.

This is one reason we have in our protocol the “ICARUS FUND”, to prevent and have contingency plans, in case of any troubles / bumps in our endeavours.
Once we have depleted the fund, users will have to wait until the claim button is back up again, your earnings won’t be lost, it just means you won’t be able to claim them!

Meanwhile our ZETH mining machines are working in full power !

You can check it right here 👇

This information and much more will be displayed shortly in our new Analytics page!

Stay tuned for that icarian 👀


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