Hello icarians,

Today we are super excited to announce the first Video contest about icarus.finance! This is a great opportunity for content creators to earn great rewards and get exposure in the crypto and icarus community!

The contest will last until 30/08/2021.

The purpose of the video is to review and introduce icarus.finance. That’s it! Those are the rules. Feel free to talk about anything that you agree or disagree with if you include voice in your video.

Videos with the most depth will be rewarded the most, as below:

  • Includes voice
  • Includes Cam
  • Opinion / feedback / prediction
  • More points for English speaking videos

Remember there are 5 winners! If you don’t want to talk, you can still record a screen share and introduce the platform via text.

Once the contest is over, the team will review and choose the top 5 videos based on quality + relevance, and reward the top creators as per below:

  • Top 5 users
  • $2,500 total in rewards, distributed as follows:
  • $1,250 1st
  • $750 2nd
  • $250 3rd
  • $150 4th
  • $100 5th

We welcome all perspectives and points of view, please feel free to share your genuine opinion of the platform with the rest of the community! The only videos we won’t consider will be trolling ones, obviously.

Process for participants:

Valid entries will only be considered when following the below guidelines:

  • Create the review / introductory video at your discretion. Examples:
  • Screenshare only
  • Screenshare + Cam
  • Voice / No voice (music)
  • Up to you, be creative!
  • Post your video on Twitter
  • @zetta_icarus
  • Use #icarus_learn
  • (Can also be a tweet + video link)
  • Fill google form — https://forms.gle/x9faBzJQ5mrmXaAv8
  • Sending to our community Telegram channel is advised for more exposure: https://t.me/icarus_finance

We look forward to seeing your videos and please don’t hold back! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us directly on TG: https://t.me/icarus_finance

Find out more information below!👇



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