V2 is coming! 👀

👋 Hello icarians,

As you know, icarus.finance is always striving for innovation and sustainability.

Today we have some fresh juicy big news for you! 👀

It’s important for us to evolve our platform continuously and ensure we provide the best service possible. Our purpose is to provide a sustainable platform where users can build successful long term portfolios, offering an array of mineable and farmable cryptocurrencies that are unlikely to depreciate over time.

As we keep pushing for more ways to add intrinsic value, real use cases and create a solid foundation for our project, we decided to implement some changes that will help not only icarians, but the whole BSC ecosystem!

The purpose for the changes described below is to further increase our use case, reduce $ICA selling pressure, and reward long term icarian hodlers.

Please note that this upgrade will involve migrating to V2!

We recommend to unstake and remove liquidity from $ICA pairs as soon as possible!

These changes represent the innovative foundations we require to move forwards in the most sustainable and scalable way. Migrating to V2 will involve switching over our smart contracts as well, so you will have to migrate to the new version.

Opens: 16:00 SGT 31th, may

Close: 16:00 SGT 4th, June

Ok, so what’s been cooking at the icarus.finance oven meanwhile?

What does this actually mean for me?

New additions:

✅ Deposit & Withdraw fees

✅ Governance V2

⌛️ Auto Compounding single stake $ICA pool

⌛️ User profile

⌛️ Gamefi concept

Introducing V2 pools fees

We will introduce both deposit and withdrawal fees on some pools.

These fees will be split in 2 automatically, and they have the following purpose:

✅ 50% of the fees will be redistributed and channeled to the new $ICA single pool

✅ 50% of the fees will be used to Buyback & Burn $ICA

Fees Breakdown:

1% deposit fee & 2% withdraw on:


0,5% deposit fee & 1% withdraw on:


Introducing Governance V2

You asked for it, and we brought it! A lot of icarians voiced their opinions in regards to being able to vote with their staked LPs and $ICA. We always listen to the community, so we have come up with the following solution for our Governance V2 platform.

When icarians provide liquidity in our dApp moving forward, they will now receive a ticket, “vICA”, which can be checked on Token Holdings on bscscan.com (or your wallet, after adding the custom token).

Now, these tickets will reflect your voting power, so the more you contribute to the project by providing liquidity, the more voting power you will have on decisions taken forward!

Feature breakdown:

✅You will receive your ticket as soon as you stake in our platform (NOT Star Cluster)

✅icarians staking LP can now vote on proposals without having to Unstake / Claim

vICA receipts from the new single $ICA pool can also be staked at the Star Cluster to earn rewards This allows you to leave your $ICA auto compounding while having the same voting rights!

✅Different pools award different voting power multipliers, so pay attention to those

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