👋 Hello icarians, do you feel like adding some extra excitement to your journey?

We introduce you today to the first steps on our GameFi experience!

Ground zero — Capsule 💊

Each capsule contains 1 random generated NFT that unlocks the gamefi applications and play to earn gameplay.

Each character holds a power level according to their rarity and you can customize it to obtain even better stats and special effects!

You can only obtain these capsules by staking vICA with a lock period of 30 days (100$ worth of $ICA = 1 NFT)

Launchpad opens: 22/09/2021

Here’s a sneak preview of our collection!

Some of the characters are hidden and will be released soon.

As you can see some are missing a name, so please help us and attend our telegram channel to vote for the name you think fits best.

Ouh and they are animated maybe you have a dance move to suggest? 👀

Let’s have some fun together :)

To consider

Users that stake in the $ICA single staking pool around Start Cluster (https://app.icarus.finance/star-cluster) get a receipt “$vICA“, that can be used for the launchpad farming.

Keep following our announcements channels for more information!

YT Link: https://bit.ly/3k8nwLn


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