🔥 $ICA distributions & LPs have now begun! 🔥

Hello community 👋

We hope you’re ready for this announcement, it’s a BIG one! If you follow us then you know that our Gov token $ICA was issued to the open market (i.e. pancake swap) a couple of days ago. Well, today we are very happy to tell you that…

What does this mean for you exactly?

🔶If you’re staking any of our Hash rate tokens ($ZETH or $ZBTC), you will now also receive $ICA as a reward, as well $ETH or $BTCB! ✅

🔶As you earn $ICA + $ETH you’re now able to pair both these tokens into an LP, and stake it for increased yields in our dApp! This is a key differentiator at icarus.finance ✅

🔶All our pool APRs have increased substantially due to $ICA rewards 👀

🔶$ICA emissions will be at their highest point starting from today, decreasing gradually over time. Note that $ICA is a deflationary asset ☝🏼