Connecting your wallet and staking $ZETH

Step 1) Connect your Wallet (we recommend Metamask)

  • Then select your wallet address, next, and connect like so:

Step 2) Buying and staking $ZETH to start earning $ETH

  • Note 1: You will require $BUSD in your wallet to trade for $ZETH
  • Note 2: Your funds will be locked initially for a period of 3 months, immediately staked into the mining pool
  • Note 3: The initial auction will start at $5 per $ZETH, and $6 once 400,000 tokens have been staked
  • The next step is to choose how much $ZETH you want to purchase & stake, as below:
  • In the example above, we would be buying 100 $ZETH = $500 BUSD
  • Select “Swap & Lock in 3 months” once you’ve chosen the amount, and the following Metamask pop-up will show:
  • By confirming here, you’re approving
  • Once approved / confirmed, you can now confirm the transaction, as below:
  • You may want to check you Gas Price here, make sure it’s set to 10 or 15
  • Press Confirm, and the following notification will appear on the Icarus app, top right of your screen
  • Success! You have now purchased your $ZETH
  • Your token is staked for you straight away and locked for a period of 3 months


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