🔥Announcing the release of our Governance token: $ICA! 🔥

⌛️The time has arrived! ⌛️

The wheels are set in motion and $ICA is now on the open market, get it now while emissions are high!

Details below:

🔶You can buy $ICA on Pancake Swap! ✅

🔶$0.1 public release price 🔥

🔶If you’re staking $ZETH already, you will start receiving $ICA rewards really soon

🔶$ICA Contract: 0x95111f630ac215eb74599ed42c67e2c2790d69e2

🔶Simply go on Pancake Swap and paste the contract address on the exchange, confirm $ICA > Swap. Voilá!

🔶 Or buy here will add $ICA automatically

👀 ICA — BUSD LP staking open’s 2nd April 👀

👀 ICA ETH LP staking open’s 2nd April 👀

Find out more information below!👇