Airdrop is now available to claim!

👋 Hello icarians 🔥 Hot news 🔥

Airdrop is now available to claim!

Did you participate in the 100k $ICA airdrop event?

Rules here:

If you did.. go and click on that “Claim Airdrop” button, right next to “Connect wallet” on your dApp top right corner, in order to collect your share! 🧐

We understand there was a massive delay on our delivery here, but it was for the right reasons.. Now people have more applications and use cases for our governance token so we hope to see some paradigm shift with it. (enough dumps 🤗)

Thats nice, but wait..there’s more?! Are you wondering what to do with that extra $ICA?
Take a look at the GameFi content release (part 1) LINK 👀

Want to earn some NFTs?

Go ahead and stake your $ICA at (you will get vICA, as a receipt), next step click and stake your vICA!

Kindly consider checking around

Find out more information below!👇

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