👋Hola Icarianos,
Nos complace ofrecerle nuestra primera de muchas Samos Star Boosted Pools

El primer pool va a ser con el equipo de https://ditto.money/

Como funciona ?

En Samos Star Boosted Pool podrás ganar delegando ZETH-BUSD LP: estarías ganando
el triple de recompensas en $ ETH e $ ICA

Después de un deposito exitos, se le da un recibo de vZETH-BUSD que luego puede delegar en https://app.icarus.finance/star-cluster para recibir la tercera recompensa en $ xDITTO

Fecha de inicio: 15 de junio aproximadamente a las 17:00 SGT
Hora de finalización: 15 de julio aproximadamente a las 17:00 SGT

Contrato ZETH: https://bscscan.com/token/0xdbeb98858f5d4dca13ea0272b2b786e9415d3992

Por favor considere revisar

¡Descubre más información a continuación! 👇

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👋 Hello Icarians,
We are excited to bring you our first of many Samos Star Boosted pools.

First pool featuring https://ditto.money/

How does it work ?

In Samos star boosted pool you’ll be able to earn triple rewards by staking ZETH-BUSD LP — you’re earning $ETH & $ICA

After successful stake you receive a vZETH-BUSD receipt which then you can stake in https://app.icarus.finance/star-cluster to receive third reward $xDITTO

Start time : 15th June approximately 17:00 SGT
Finish time : 15th July approximately 17:00 SGT

ZETH contract : https://bscscan.com/token/0xdbeb98858f5d4dca13ea0272b2b786e9415d3992

Kindly consider checking around

Find out more information below!👇

#ZETH #ZBTC #ICA #DeFi #cryptomining #icarusfinance #BSC




矿机重新上线的预计时间约为 10 天。




与此同时,我们的 ZETH 矿机正在全力工作!ZETH不受影响,ZETH不受影响,ZETH不受影响,重要的事情说三遍!




请伊卡鲁人继续关注 👀







Hello Icarians,
If you care about the project and wish to make part of important decisions, now is the time to be vocal about it!

Let’s have a look at the different options below and make a community decision on which assets you would like to see in the Star Cluster!
We believe having top tier cryptocurrency assets, that will likely appreciate in value over time, will make icarians with a better portfolio in the long run.

1 — $WBNB, $ETH, $ADA

Cast your vote here 👇


Kindly consider checking around

Find out more information below!👇

#ZETH #ZBTC #ICA #DeFi #cryptomining #icarusfinance #BSC

👋 Hello Icarians,

Sadly this issue has been persistent in our short existence, hence our efforts to keep pushing for new locations with access to more energy (specially green energy sources).

Due to the government’s pressure and legislation, Bitcoin mining machines are currently offline, we have already dismounted and moved our gear out from the affected facility.

ETA for machines going back online is approximately 10 days.
We will keep informing the community actively about this, so you won’t miss a thing.

This is one reason we have in our protocol the “ICARUS FUND”, to prevent and have contingency plans…

👋 Hello Icarians,
We want all icarians to feel safe and sure about their investments.
Are you still having questions? 👀

We want to keep having transparante information displayed to our community, so users can make their analyses/observations and make educated decisions!
The analytics page in our dApp is on the way, you will be able to find all this information and more, so keep an eye for that announcement.

Below you can find a list of the addresses and the smart contracts with their respective timelocks 👇


ica_btcb pool is deployed: 0x580654eF0DC8Ff5B6c83cBF981cBC127090C40F1
ica_btcb lpStaking is deployed: 0x365f35345Fad19542b5E410e7075D78878e33434


👋 Hello Icarians,

Last weekend we share with you an article regarding BTC mining, you can find it here 👇


Today, let’s take a quick look at $ETH mining.

So what does EIP 1559 bring? 🤔

✅ Base fee gets burned 🔥 (Deflationary $ETH)

✅ Doubled block size 💪🏻

✅ Tip for the validators 🤝

It’s expected that we see this upgrade in $ETH next month (July 2021), so this means my profitability will decrease?

Certainly $ETH mining has been more profitable than before, especially due to the rise of $ETH market value and network congestion. …

👋 Hello Icarians,

Today we bring you some upgrades on our DeFi pools!

Please read all the instructions given carefully and follow all the steps, and you should be set up in no time and in case you need video guides feel free to check our educational videos!

👉 https://www.instagram.com/zetta_icarus/channel/. 👀

🧐 Are you ready, icarian?
Let’s start! 🔥


There is no need to remove LPs from ZETH-BUSD / ZBTC-BUSD, just simply stake in the new pools provided (please notice that there is a 0,5% deposit fee & 1% withdrawal).

Add liquidity 👉 ZETH-BUSD
Add liquidity…

👋 Hello Icarians,
More fresh juicy upgrades! 🔥

✅ $ICA v2 is now live!
✅ Rewards from v2 start 1st of June 17:00 SGT


As time goes by, we keep improving and adding more features to our ecosystem.

We’ve been working hard in the background to bring you the best, easiest and safest way to build your cryptocurrencies portfolio.

As mentioned in the previous article, it’s required to migrate to the new smart contract, if you wish to reap the benefits of this upgrade!

Icarians please remember you will have from today until 4th of June to do the…

👋 Hello icarians,

As you know, icarus.finance is always striving for innovation and sustainability.

Today we have some fresh juicy big news for you! 👀

It’s important for us to evolve our platform continuously and ensure we provide the best service possible. Our purpose is to provide a sustainable platform where users can build successful long term portfolios, offering an array of mineable and farmable cryptocurrencies that are unlikely to depreciate over time.

As we keep pushing for more ways to add intrinsic value, real use cases and create a solid foundation for our project, we decided to implement some…

icarus finance

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